Gabi Blanco

CrossFit Natomas Coach Gabi Blanco

Gabi Blanco



  • CF Level 1 Trainer
  • Found CrossFit in 2013
  • Coaching Since: February 2015
Coaching Philosophy:

As a coach, I aim to help people achieve their individual health and fitness goals by providing them the knowledge and skills to reach their fullest potential, all the while building the confidence that they are able to do it!

I hope to inspire a love for fitness that will follow them for the rest of their lives!


Year you started CF, and how you found it:
I started CrossFit in 2013 as a groupon-er, super out-of-shape and 30 lbs. heavier.




Athletic background:
I’ve always been an athlete and have played various sports through my life: basketball and volleyball being two major focuses. I was also a competitive swimmer and figure skater as a child.


4 years Competitive CrossFit Athlete
3 years 63kg Olympic Weightlifter
2x USAW University Nationals qualifier


Outside of the box:
Play with my cats and adventure/travel with Skyler.


Favorite Food:
That’s a tough one. Pizza most definitely and any kind of pasta. I’d also consider myself a pie enthusiast. Oh, and tacos. Can’t forget tacos.